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Lib Tech / One Ball - Limited Run Collaboration

From the creators of the worlds best boards comes a collaboration so sick it’ll melt the knobs off your tires. Lib Tech / One Ball are using the excess from their board’s bases to stamp out one of a kind, recycled fenders. In a industry of immense waist, we are creating a 100% recycled and American sourced product. We are cutting our footprint on the materials and transportation while still producing a bad ass fender. Mega tons of waste avoided to protect your face! Each fender is a one of a kind piece of art from a limited run of boards. There is absolutely no chance you’re going to pass some jabrony running the same one!

Since they are all unique, you can choose your fender by their majority color. We will select one in that color and if you dont like it, you have one chance to return for a different one. 

Includes mounting ZipTies

Hand made in America’s Pacific North West

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